114 people tested positive for PCR at TU Hospital, attempted to cover up

Attempt to cover up after 114 people tested positive for PCR at TU Hospital, Maharajgunj on the same day.

The PCR test of 65 samples conducted at the Seti Provincial Hospital, Veterinary Research Laboratory in Dhangadhi on Friday, the day 740 people were confirmed infected in 24 hours, showed that all the results were positive.

On the same day, 207 samples from Patan Hospital in Lalitpur and 96 samples from TRIV Teaching Hospital tested positive.

According to experts, not all the tests performed in the country so far have tested positive. However, the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Laboratory did not pay much attention when all the samples tested positive in the laboratory. No such ‘technical error’ was investigated.

Senior Public Health Specialist. According to Rajendra BC, only 15 percent of the tests so far have been positive. According to today’s Kantipur Daily, the kit kept in the laboratory may not have been used properly and all the positive ones may have come, said a senior source in the Ministry of Health. A person who is not infected that day may be positive. But attempts are being made to cover up this serious mistake.

Is this good practice to do ?

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